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Final Approach (Φなる·あぷろーち Fuainaru Apurōchi?) is a visual novel that has been adapted into an anime designed by Ibe Yukiko.


The situation of Final Approach involves an experimental government operation (dubbed the "R.T.P." by Japanese Congress) to oppose the declining birthrates of Japan, circa this period in time. The primary decision (which is implied to be without the Japanese citizens' representation and approval) was to arrange a national project in which young citizens of opposite sexes are to be paired together in marriage, and therefore in parenthood. This, in theory of the story and in today's world, would produce an astonishing net increase in childbirth, if young couples were to begin having children during an early relationship.

While the economical and political gains are great, the social and emotional aspects of the "subjects" in the project are easily assumed adamant in defending the previous method of marriage. Thus, the Japanese government decided to test the project on an experimental level, i.e. with one couple at a time.

The Mizuhara siblings are the first to be chosen for the R.T.P. project. The brother and the sister, Ryo and Akane, have long been living together in the same apartment. Still in public school, the two have endured a difficult life after their parents' death some years back (Their cause of death is unexplained); the siblings only managed their orphaned days within the hands of their young guardian, Haru, who they also work for in his café. Ryo, the main protagonist, has assured to himself that all is well; he and his sister are living on well-paid wages, and he only needs his sister. The vision of his future is soon to be shattered by the R.T.P. when his planned fiancée, Shizuka, enters his apartment one night with several government bodyguards. By some preliminary actions taken by the government (as precautions), Ryo is forced to house his new wife-to-be, despite his refusal.

The whole series continues from there, presenting the new day-to-day events of the Mizuhara siblings with Shizuka.

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